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Therapist Testimonials:

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, there is no other company I would rather work for than KIDSPOT. I began my journey there 25 years ago and can honestly say I still love my job and the people I work with wholeheartedly. In an everchanging world that is driven by numbers and dollar signs and the bottom line, KIDSPOT is truly a family. I can give so many examples but the one that stands out to me is 17 years ago after working for them for 8 years, I found out my unborn son had Down syndrome. I received an immediate phone call only be told, “this is OUR BABY, and he is going to be just fine because we are all going to make sure of it.” My manager was at the hospital within hours of him being born with new pajamas and a list of things she was working on to have us ready when we returned home. They accommodated my schedule and return to work given this unforeseen diagnosis. My colleagues were his therapists for 13 years and I would not have trusted him to anyone else. This is just one story of so many that can be told by me and others who work with me.

You are not ever just a number or productivity! KIDSPOT supports me and values you me. Communication is welcome, growth is supported, being new is not a deficit – we recognize we were all new once too. Therapists are set up to be mentored so they do not feel alone. If you want to work at a place where it is recognized that it could not exist without you and you are valued because of it, the KIDSPOT family is for you!

– Michele Stancil, OTR/L

I have loved the atmosphere and energy at Kidspot since I interviewed here over 5 years ago! I never thought I would work at a pediatric clinic and now, would not change it. I have felt supported during my time as an employee here and look forward to coming to work each day. I have been blessed to grow my skills as an SLP through training, conferences and CEUs. I have been given the opportunity to share my knowledge with my fellow clinicians, graduate students, and clinical fellows.

Kidspot is a team and a family! Our therapists work well together, learn from each other, and communicate often. Over coffee or lunch, we spend time brainstorming and planning on how to provide individual care to our clients while building a loving therapeutic relationship with them and their families. We listen to our client’s needs and work together to refine skills and educate families with patience. We have an amazing team who is privileged to engage with wonderful souls each day!

– Yudith Watson, CCC-SLP

One of the best parts of working for Kidspot is the supportive and caring environment we have here.  I feel like the leaders of Kidspot have always shown their employees how grateful they are to have them working here. This appreciation has created an environment where the staff all respect and support the directors and each other.  We celebrate each other’s successes and step in to help support one another in times of difficulty.  It is rare to find a workplace full of women who get along as well as everyone in the clinic.

– Meghann Ehling, OTR/L

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